It is an exciting time of the year when you can hear the birds chirping, see the sun for longer and spend more time outside in the warmer weather. However, with the warmer spring weather comes the dreaded thought of spring cleaning – which very few people look forward to! The benefit of spring cleaning is that once it is finished, it lifts a huge weight off your shoulder and allows you to start the summer with a fresh, clean and clutter-free home. The tricky and tedious part is getting to that point, which is what we’re here to help with! We have compiled the top 10 spring cleaning tips that we think are important to incorporate into your spring cleaning routine. Check them out:

  1. De-clutter. Grab some boxes and trash bags and throw out all items that you do not need, or that you find that you are never using.
  2. Dust (especially under furniture). It can sometimes be shocking to see how much dust accumulates, and sometimes in places that you may not expect. When you are dusting each room, be sure to pull out furniture and get underneath each piece.
  3. Wash your windows. Be sure to wash each window and remove any dirt, dead bugs, or anything else that has accumulated on them throughout the winter months.
  4. Invest in doormats. For every door in your home, including your front and back doors, invest in doormats to ensure that dirt is not coming into your house. Once you get those floors cleaned, you will want them to stay sparkling as long as possible!
  5. Spend extra time with the countertops. Especially if you have granite countertops, it can be easy for stains to build up or for them to look dull. Spend time cleaning and wiping down countertops in your kitchen and bathrooms.
  6. Empty out your fridge. Your refrigerator can build up a lot of bacteria over the months if the cleaning is not kept up. Pull out all the shelves and make sure that everything is wiped down.
  7. Attack junk drawers. Everyone has drawers in their home, referred to as “the junk drawers” that are filled with a variety of different items. Go through all of your junk drawers to get rid of items that you do not find yourself needing and organize them, so you are aware of where everything is.
  8. Wash your shower curtains. This is a step that people often forget! Take down your shower curtain and spray it with a cleaner that includes bleach. Shower curtains often build up an immense amount of bacteria. If your shower curtains are old, you may want to think about replacing them!
  9. Utilize self-cleaning appliances. Turn on the self-cleaning function of your oven, sit back and relax! (This may be one of your favorite spring cleaning tips.)
  10. Prepare your patio furniture for a great summer! Lastly, get your patio furniture out on your deck or in your backyard, and prepare to have an outstanding summer.