Now that we are into the spring weather, the sun is shining brighter for longer, the days are feeling warmer and we are officially on our way to shorts season. This only means one thing – it is finally time to head to your nearest ice cream shop and enjoy the weather with an ice cream cone in hand! Everyone loves to indulge on a refreshing ice cream treat with their family and friends, but with so many different ice cream shops to pick from in the Rhode Island area, how can you ever decide on which one to go to!? Or, maybe you are a regular at your local ice cream shop and want to try out a new place. We have pulled together some of our favorite ice cream shops in the area that are a must to put on your bucket list for the spring and summer seasons. Check them out:

    • Eskimo King. Located in Swansea, Massachusetts, right on the line of Bristol, Eskimo King is a must-try! This ice cream shop has been open since 1957 and offers more than 300 different flavors of soft serve ice cream and non-fat yogurt. The options are absolutely endless! If you are more into hard ice cream, they additionally have over two dozen flavors to choose from. Not to mention, they create homemade waffle cones and bowls that are baked fresh daily – delicious!
    • The Ice Cream Machine. Located in Cumberland, Rhode Island, The Ice Cream Machine offers a wide variety of home-made ice cream, low fat yogurt and sorbet flavors! At the Ice Cream Machine, you can also purchase whole ice cream pies, cookies, brownies and so much more.
    • The Daily Scoop. Located in Barrington, Rhode Island, The Daily Scoop serves premium home-made ice cream and frozen yogurt, some flavors of which you are not able to get anywhere else (sign us up for the lemon custard or fresh cantaloupe!) If you are more in the mood for a smoothie or piece of an ice cream cake, they’ve also got you covered.