It is Halloween season, and if you have kids, you know that this means it is officially Halloween party season. You may be overwhelmed with all of the different options there are in terms of costumes for your upcoming parties, so we have pulled together some of the cutest and most unique family Halloween costumes for 2019, so you do not have to do the digging. Check out some of our favorite costumes for you and your family to consider below: 

  • Toy Story Characters. Toy Story is a classic no matter what age you are, so this costume will be sentimental for the kids as well as the parents! There are so many characters that you can consider for these costumes, including Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Jessie, or Mr. and Mrs. Potato! The Toy Story clan is relatable, cute and will always be a great option. 
  • Safari Theme. With a safari family Halloween costume theme, you also have a lot of different options in terms of what animals to include. You can add as little or many animals as you want to the group, and your kids will be able to showcase their favorite safari animal! This is also a very easy costume to do by yourself, so will be great to save a little cash. 
  • Desserts Theme. A very unique family costume option is for everyone to dress up as their favorite dessert. Whether it’s cookies, cake, pie or ice cream, dressing up as desserts is guaranteed to be a hit of the Halloween party. 
  • Ty Beanie Babies. What could possibly be cuter than a family of beanie babies?! Simply print out the “Ty” logo, have each family member dress as their favorite beanie baby, and hang the logo on everyone’s neck. This is a very simple yet adorable costume!