The process of purchasing a home, selling your home, and/or refinancing a mortgage can be a stressful one.  It is a step that mostly everyone takes at some point in their life. However, if you are just starting out, you may be overwhelmed with how many steps are involved in the process as well as how expensive it can be. If you are one of those people feeling overwhelmed in the process, luckily, Lima Law is here to help.

At Lima Law, we work to immensely reduce your stress by helping to handle the process from the very beginning stages, all the way to the finish line. Not to mention, we are skilled professionals at communicating with all parties involved throughout the real estate process, including realtors, lenders, insurance agents, home inspectors, brokers, and more! It is extremely beneficial to include representation from a legal standpoint throughout the real estate process, to ensure that everything goes smoothly and is done efficiently and effectively.

We are extremely proud of the individualized and catered attention that we provide to each and every client, regardless of whether they are looking to purchase their first home, buy a second, vacation home, refinance or sell their property.

We also accept the Hyatt Legal Plan for coverage for purchase or sale of primary residences and/or refinancing of primary residences.

We are recognized as one of the leading real estate law firms serving both Rhode Island and Massachusetts – and that is for good reason! The service that Lima Law offers is unparalleled, through its accessible, experienced professionals along with personalized care and advising.

Learn more at [email protected], or give us a call at (401) 270-1144 to get started.