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Buying a home is not easy... It's stressful, hard, confusing, worrisome, and just a lot of work and paper; but having someone at the Law Office of Michael C Lima guide us through this process made this experience one of the best for my husband and I. Their team is so accurate and professional, they have helped us close on 2 homes in the past 3 year and we couldn't be happier. During this process, I was able to work with his team of lawyers and one, in particular, was Hailey. I mean I think I spoke to her more than 15 times a day and she was so delightful and so warming and helped me out through everything. She was helpful with everything from preparing the closing to helping me understand the paperwork while we were signing. Everyone in the office is so specialized and well trained in their area, whether if someone picks up the phone, through their diligence and timely response to emails and voicemail. I’m so pleased and will definitely come back to work with this team. They are hardworking professionals that will definitely get the job done for you and your family. We are more than pleased to have worked with an extremely family oriented group of people in this office. Thank you again for your hard work and help.

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