Are you thinking of becoming a property owner? Whether you’re looking at opening a business, or renting out apartments or houses, it is important that you are familiar with premises liability laws so that you can protect anyone who visits your property, as well as yourself.

 If you aren’t aware of what premises liability laws are, they ensure that if a person becomes injured, or even killed, on someone else’s property as a result of something hazardous on the property, it can be easily determined who was liable. It is important to have these laws instilled so that property owners can be held responsible if they do not upkeep their property in a safe and responsible manner.

 In both Massachusetts and Rhode Island, property owners have a duty of due care. So, what does that mean? A duty of due care ensures that if you own a property, you are maintaining it safely and continuously. This also means that if you come across and/or know of any hazardous conditions or damages that can turn into a dangerous situation, you must fix these conditions or damages immediately upon finding them.

 After a property owner allows someone to enter their property, they become responsible for the duty of due care. If someone is injured on the property, and they have not fixed the hazardous conditions, the property owner can become liable for all of the injuries and damages. If the person wants to hold the property owner accountable, they must be able to prove that the hazardous conditions on the property caused the injury, and that the owner previously knew about the damages.

 So, if you are looking to purchase your own property, keep these laws in mind. Even if you find any small damages within your property, do your best to fix them as fast as possible to keep all visitors, and yourself, safe at all costs.

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