Once becoming an adult, you acquire many responsibilities, including having a family, a job and many other activities. Because life can get so busy, many people do not stop to ponder the fact that they have not taken the time to think about or create a will for themselves. When thinking of a will, there are many common thoughts that come to mind that may not necessarily be completely accurate. Here are a few myths about wills that we’d like to debunk.

“Once I make a will, it is permanent.” When creating a will, it is important to know that this will can be altered or updated as personal changes come about in your life. Once you work with your attorney to put together your will, try to revisit it every six months to a year to make sure that it is maintained and updated to reflect exactly what you want.

“I am not financially stable enough to make my will.” There are many different options when it comes to creating a will. Set up a meeting with your attorney to go over all of your options and figure out what is best for you and what works best for your budget.

“Wills are only for elderly or sick people.” All adults should actually begin thinking about their will, or create their will as a way to make sure that they are up-to-date on their estate and completely prepared. Creating a will early in your life is a wonderful way to ensure that all of your wishes regarding your estate will go exactly as you have planned. Regardless of your health, it is better to be prepared!

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