Just close on a new home with us?

Here’s a great spot in Providence to celebrate. Those with experience in the real estate business can relate to the process of getting to the closing table. While sometimes it can be seamless and easy, there are a lot of situations that can make the process long, frustrating and ultimately, tiresome. Given this, you owe it your yourself to celebrate at after all the hard work and effort, it is almost required to sit back, relax and celebrate at a special location. If you are in the Providence area, there is no better place to celebrate an achievement like this than Pane E Vino!

After closing a deal, you deserve something special, and that is a night out at Pane E Vino. Located on Federal Hill in Providence, Rhode Island, Pane E Vino has been voted as the Best Italian food there is to offer! The restaurant is known for its fresh, simple and honest food as well as the comfort and hospitality that guests experience throughout their time there. With an extensive wine list and gourmet Italian menu items, there is something for everyone on the menu – the perfect way to indulge! 

If you would like to celebrate with a larger group, Pane E Vino can accommodate! For private events, they can host full groups up to 43 guests, making it the perfect location for a large family and friend gathering or a corporate gathering. In their private rooms, they additionally offer all of the accommodations needed for presentations! 

At Pane E Vino, you will truly feel part of the family as you enjoy delectable wine, comfort high-end Italian food and a beautiful, relaxing ambiance. After a stressful few weeks or months of closing a deal, this is exactly what you need for yourself! 

Happy celebrating!