It has been three years in the making, and as of August 9, 2019, the Providence Pedestrian Bridge is finally open and in full-swing! After years of planning and construction ever since the year of 2016, at the opening, Providence and Rhode Island officials gathered for a monumental ribbon-cutting, marking the almost $22 million-dollar bridge finally ready for pedestrian use. This bridge is not only a new landmark for the City of Providence but will also change the way Providence residents, as well as visitors, will be able to tour the city. 

The Providence Pedestrian Bridge connects the East Side to the West Side, linking together tons of shops and amazing dining options to the famous Jewelry District and historic landmarks. The bridge spans a total of 450 feet over the Providence River and was created with a modern look and feel. 

With the addition of this bridge, Providence can expect a large increase of foot traffic, as many restaurants have chosen to build near the bridge the past few years. With these new businesses easily available to pedestrians by foot, Providence will guarantee an attraction of more visitors and more business overall. 

This bridge means a lot to Providence residents, as well as the State of Rhode Island as a whole. It is not only strengthening the city, but connecting two neighborhoods, East and West, into one! For people who are thinking of moving to the small Stateof Rhode Island, this will alleviate traffic, morning commutes to work and so much more. What better way to spend a beautiful day in Providence than walking around and exploring all that it has to offer? And, if you are not in the walking mood, the lower-level of the bridge features beautiful and brand new seating areas, decorative lighting and an outstanding view of the city that you can enjoy any time.