It is possible that you may not be familiar with the development of wills and trusts, and the probate process – a lot of people can forget to plan ahead. Typically, the probate process can have somewhat of a negative connotation, due to the amount of time that it takes, and sometimes the financial burden it can put on families. However, the probate process can be convenient and a great way to ensure that everything goes smoothly when a loved one passes away. Probate gives a person the ability to know that everything in their will, including their property as well as their assets, will be validated and handled correctly. This takes a huge weight off the person’s loved ones who may not know how to handle the will themselves.

After a loved one passes, and the probate process begins, it is recommended that you use an attorney to help guide you along the way. The attorney will be able to help you identify relatives that are included in the will, distribute assets to the loved ones who are inheriting, pay off any debts or taxes, as well as check on the validity of the will. By ensuring that the will is valid, the attorney will be able to make sure that everything moves smoothly. Generally, the probate process will take place in court. In the court, all documents and materials will be reviewed so that it can be determined what assets are going to who.

It is very important to establish a plan for yourself, and work with your loved ones to have plans in place, as well. These plans can immensely simplify the probate process, since everything will be more organized. Creating a plan will take a lot of stress off of your family members, especially since the process will help to inform the government of where your debts and taxes will go.

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