There are a lot of different ways that you can express your personality, whether that is through your hobbies and interests, your career choice, your fashion or your décor. A great way to express yourself is through your home – whether you are a renter or owner, having the freedom to decorate the interior and exterior of your home is exciting and an awesome way to get creative. As many people know, different colors can represent different aspects of someone’s personality. Specifically, the color of your front door is a huge statement and is important; some people can argue it is more important than your curb appeal. Your front door is the first thing that guests will see before entering inside of your home, so it is important to make it as “you” as possible! If you are having trouble deciding on a color for your front door, check out what the following colors represent and see what best matches your personality: 

  • Red: Having a red front door can represent how you are choosing to live life to the fullest and is a great way to welcome guests who are visiting. 
  • Orange: If you are an orange person, you may find yourself being known as a social butterfly. An orange front door can represent how excited you are for guests to come into your home so you can get to know them better. 
  • Yellow: Many people attribute yellow to happiness and cheeriness, and that’s exactly what your front door would stand for! Painting yellow can represent how much of a morning person you are – someone who is eager to start the day in the most positive way possible. 
  • Blue: Whether you are painting light or dark blue, blue can represent a peaceful, hopeful personality that is not only positive but very grounded and realistic. 
  • Neutral: If you choose to go neutral, you may look into a black front door which is simple and elegant, or white which is simple and organized. 


Your front door’s statement truly depends on your own personality and what vibe you are going for when it comes to your home overall!